The emperor's new clothes (Skr)

word:AR (Liu Fuyang)
accompaniment:Slick Rick - Children 's Story
my brother told me not to call names, saying that there would be hater.
and I say it's a lot of useless, annoying faker
I'm talking about who, don't hide it
listened to your dry voice and laughed, and my eyes were wet.
what you say is crazy
said that to contribute to Chinese rap, you are more of a mess.
says you're listening to Hip-Hop's growing up
, but your rap skills are no better than Wang Jiaer's.
calls himself a street poet. Now you have to ask questions.
win the rhythm here, do not want to use your excuses to support.
you don't know rap, you only catch small mistakes.
the scene of a small accident, installed as a teacher
put a dirty face on that blah blah blah, every time you talk about it.
how do you sing again?
brother, give you stage, give you spotlight, and microphone.
and brain powder, keep you up there.
let me see if your own Freestyle is there.
gave you a reason for no reason, and you frown.
has not put it into its own words.
so you've got these things to blame for the tiger
Hold up, listen to your rap flow
your image of bad boy is installed. How can you get to that bad girl?
do I learn like it
can you be able to install it? You can't install it
as early as Korea made a portfolio, you began to expand.
so no one wants to be in the same frame with you again.
you argue that you are using your own traffic to promote Hip-Hop in China.
actually you're using Hip-Hop to wash people
and if this song is complained or going down
can only prove that you are not real enough, not Hip-Hop enough.
only depends on the fans, and you cover it with you every day
don't forget that this culture hates snitch, the informer.
unexpectedly some people for Autotune, this fashionable technology.
and the art of sacrificing his own perfect Chorus
at the end of the day, you're still out of tune
rhyme smoke your electricity, so you speak with your own voice.
you ask A, B, C, D
please Zhang San, please Li Si, please the moon, please the stars.
this, please, the famous star from abroad.
those stars are working with you just because they have gold.
is mixed up with this side and mixed up with the other side.
you commented on Rapper several times stronger than you. If you want them to cooperate, you need a case.
you don't sing well enough, your Rap is not good enough, your appearance level, your strength has not reached.
what you say feels like you do it from the bottom
has a good source of resources but not all of it
your seniority is funny, the word is old
has never been underground before, and dare to say "old gun".
so I'm shooting at your packing.
Pow pow, you're going to be a double gun in front of you
do you really understand it
don't think that rich and powerful can distort culture.
thanks a lot for the Chinese rap predecessors.
, don't worry about making foreign Rapper.
this thing, I have a bit of disrespect
but the man who understands is naturally to my diss respect.
never followed the tide, I set off the waves myself
the emperor's new coat, I stripped him off
Ha ha ha, talk to EM AR
here is Hip-Hop
here is the Wes Chen of The Park
China Hip-Hop
we don't want to do this
only flow, no strength
shameless people sitting in this position, okay?
Ay yo AR, I think they get it, man
is as transparent as glass, isn't it?
Yeah you know who you are
You the definition of a "Culture Vulture"
so stick to acting!!!!