Drama queen

lyrics:Xu Binglong
also exchanged your body with you.
was also loved to separate from the wall.
is too serious with your dramas.
stupid enough to do that.
no longer need to help me design the plot.
breeding those boring foreshadowing.
I heard that people are too full and too deliberate.
will be vulnerable.
, you are a real opera player.
comes into play with his own story.
, I even envy you this extraordinary acting.
, you are a drama actor.
, I didn't win the award. I'm sorry for you.
you see, you are full of drama.
no one is clearer than you.
knows where to behave.
that's the way you put it back.
is really fine.
, you are a real opera player.
can play in one second.
, even I am somewhat jealous of your talent.
, you are a drama actor.
is charming and invulnerable.
there is no resistance to emotional friction.
, you are a real opera player.
highly respected dramas
your eyes keep on guiding me.
, you are a drama actor.
play is not enough.
, this is worth our respect.
producer:Xu Huan Liang, six
producer:Xu Huan Liang
arranger:Ouyang Qingyu
and voice:Sisam
recording studio:Great studio (Beijing)
mixing room:Great studio (Beijing)
mixer:Billy Koh, six
master engineer:Brian Gardner (USA)
cover design:kidult.
producer:Tao Shi
distribution company:cooking culture