Touch it

[by:is remote and has no period.
word:Flower porridge
I don't care who you are with every day.
I must be in your bed anyway.
kneaded you and put it on my pillow.
say goodnight to you before going to bed.
, but you slept too early, and I didn't get enough.
when you open your arms, I just want to run away.
and I am good to you, you never know.
in the middle of the night, you still call me.
your expression is so cold that I feel a little scared.
can't tell whether you are angry or pretending.
eat the remaining cat food and climb to your leg.
OK, allow you to scratch me today.
, you come back to me.
can see your disguise only at a glance.
I am just shaking like this.
wake up tomorrow, I'll settle with you again.
I don't understand your mind. It's hard to guess.
the human world is really very troublesome.
accompany you to look out of the window and then stay together.
, actually, this is not too bad.
can't wait to open it for me.
you eat eight meals a day, though fat and cute.
, but my friend came over to hold you up.
other cats are twinned, only you are against me.
, you don't want me to look for an object.
I don't want you to sleep with me.
half asleep, smell the can.
you continue to be heartless and flattering when you see food.
knew that he would be less guilty of raising a dog.
but I never regret that you are my baby.
can drive away sadness with you.
I return to the place I know most about you.
sleeping next to you will not be too long tonight.
lies on my shoulder and warms my heart.
, for a long time, I forget my loneliness.
I don't care who you sleep everyday.
I must be in your bed anyway.
arranger:Li Zhidi
mixed up:Zhou Cheng
Harmony:cat Er do.