Bloodshot Freestyle

(Wow, I miss you)
I just wanna know where my mind is at
It's somewhere in between being happy and sad
I wish that I could take away the pain from my friends
But everybody knows that it never ends, man
I can barely help myself, forget everyone else
Giving out advice I barely follow myself
I just wanna disappear **** heaven or hell
6 o'clock in the morning eyes glued to my cell
Bloodshot red got a pain in my head
I can never sleep, I'm making music instead
Lookin' in the mirror think I'm halfway dead
Or almost there I don't even think I care but
Mom's gettin worried at the habits I have
I apologize for everything in the past
Doin' "**** **** everyday" skippin all of my classes
But i'm glad it's workin' out, let me pay you back
Everytime I drop a song people ask if it's sad
And everybody spam my **** only for a collab
But I don't **** with anybody
Unless you're one of my brothers
And if I barely work with them
Then why the **** should I bother with you
And I'm gettin' tired of all of this ********
That comes with the things that I do
**** up my voice just to make a new song
Everyday so this dream comes true
But honestly forget all that, I can buy the **** I want
Because I'll make it back
Replace the pain with y-3's in the triple black
Call it first degree murder when I kill this track
Crescent moon on my wrist I'm alive in the night
If the reaper tryna take me, I'ma put up a fight
Everybody's sus so I keep my circle tight
Don't pretend to be my friend get the **** out my sight