i love you & visa 艾福杰尼 & visa 楼兰

Have lied you to love you for 100 years
Pretend to believe that you nodded at me and smiled at me.
It doesn't matter if you say love doesn't care about the end.
The most important thing is that no one thinks so far about happiness.
How would I spend Christmas without you?
Suddenly it occurred to me that you said that a person should be brave.
I could have endured all the darkness before.
But you shine in my heart like the sun, which made me used to it.
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Davvero
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Davvero
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Amo Davvero
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Amo Davvero
If love itself hurts, I choose painkillers.
Even if the side effects are separated, smoke a few more packs of cigarettes
I don't want to be unwilling to leave any regrets.
Please give me some time to learn romance yesterday.
I can't help but silently let you steal my heart.
Please don't wake me up when you choose to leave.
Maybe it's enough to be alone.
Want your temperature to stay around forever
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Davvero
(Looking forward to more tests from God)
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Davvero
(Hold u hand will not miss any chance)
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Amo Davvero
Ti Amo Ti Amo Ti Amo Davvero
(This is my last Lose my mind)
What should I do if I want to give you a gift?
What do you want to do with me?
Want to romance each time period together in every corner, every holiday
Love you boldly and I will no longer euphemistically recall how sweet it really is.
Thank you for accompanying a drunkard who doesn't want to lose his memory and is crazy about love.
Want to give you all the best for over 90 years
Even if my body turns into a machine
Some people say it's a trap.
Falling proves that I'm still young
You can call me stupid.
The dictionary has long looked up this infatuation.
Ti Amo davvero
Ti Amo davvero
Journey will make u cry baby
My lover
My hater
Mother belt:Shunde