**** never is as bad as it seems
F*ck a lifespan this is just one long dream
So try not to disturb
Not trying to be rude with you just hope that you heard me
Now the world keep turning
Since my mind was created i been somewhat a hermit
But everyday i am learning
Every bridge is different be careful which one you burning
Cliche sayings are here for a reason
Like the ones you see showing are the ones you see leaving
It's all about the balance of moods
When i'm in my own way i try my best to move
Don't let my past mind choose
And don't let the present control me and the things i do
The future always been my filter for vision
Stay focused on my **** and have the purest intentions
Only ever had 1 idea
Never claimed to be **** or a f*cking pioneer
All ive ever known was this
Nothing special nothing rare just a gift for spitting