Off White

Feel like every day a Friday
I don't even notice when they lookin' at me sideways
And really I believe my woman badder than Beyonce
A young ***** blessed, never fret, praise Yahweh
Pull up in the Off White, people show me love and it's on sight
Offerin' me drugs and a Coors Light
I don't throw subs on the Twitter, that's a dub
I just throw you in a song, gettin' money off of your life
20/20 foresight, hatin' ****** wonder what the sauce like
"Kota kinda nice, but it's all hype"
All I hear is, "Whomp, whomp"
Eatin' wild rice with the ALLSPICE
Gettin' head, gettin' to the bread, gettin' more life
More flights, I hit the fork then I skid left
All I do is chill and tell my son to hold the fork right
Chillin' with my youngin then it's tour life
Cali with my woman, sippin' henny on the porch like, yeah