GRANDMAS BOY (Prod. Mikey The Magician)

I dont wanna have sex,b1tch
Im only here for the neck
Give me ur social security number
So i run it up and i'll leave u in debt
Hittin' on my beard with a razor,yea
Im cuttin' off like gillette(Lil harsch)
She seen me 1 time
When she got it wet for me Lil b1tch never forget whoo
Alright? yeah
Wonderin' who could it be? (who could it be?)
Its me off a perc and im falling asleep (whoo x2)
Still fall in love with a b1tch huh?
She fell in love with the money i made on the street(yeah x2)
U know how cold it could be yeah
Under my belly im tuckin my heat(tucked in my heat)
He saw jon show at the mall he was shoppin my fans took a pic with him thought it was me huh?
Bighead now wont fvck and my shooters aint worryin bout growin(oh)
Rattlesnake hoes stone cold(stone cold)
White b1tch with me sniffin' that post malone sniff
My polo four for the background(yea)
Got trees on trees like a campground(trap)
Send 56 babies in a greyhound
U know the larger the rich,the bigger the payout(b1tch)
Only the real ones stay down
This couch cost more than the car that u pay now(huh?)
Y'all dont even know thats y ur b1tch wanna fvck on me it the game now
I get the profit and dip,i dont hang out
Look like john wick when im bringin them things out
I break the back off a b1tch'til it gives out
Every1 gangsta'til choppers get whipped out
Huh?damn yeah
Every1 gangsta'til choppers get whipped wout
Ya dig?(Lil harsch)
Look like john wick when im bringin' them things out(Lil harsch)