already tired

And I'm already tired
Feel sick from my head down to my stomach
The longer I stay in bed
Forget what I said
About all the goals I met
They don't mean a thing to me anymore
I know that's bad
But you don't have to tell me that
I already know
I'm too hard on myself
I'm stubborn to ask for help
When it's offered
I swear that I'm doing
Oh so well
Then push them away, yeah
I just woke up
But I wish that I didn't
I haven't ate in a while
But the kitchen feels so far
I hear your car
Are you already leaving?
It's two in the afternoon
I should get up soon, I know
You don't have to tеll me that
I already know I nevеr
****ing changed
I know that I'm not alone
But it feels like I am
I ****ing hate my brain
So push me away, yeah
Just push me away