Lyrics :Wan Xiaoli
turned in the field
turned in the breeze
turned on the fragrant flowers
in the silence
Turning around in loneliness
Turn on the iced lake
In the laughter
Turning in tears
Turning in burning life
In the white
turned in blood red
In your aging face
If I can stop
I want to open my eyes
Look at how you left
But I can't stop
I can't cheer for you too.
Please loosen your hands
In the wine glass
In the nightmare
In the murderous conspiracy
In the desire to turn
In the struggle
In the numbness of the east window
on a sunny day
You are holding your face with your hand.
Tell me that you are very tired
You throw the props in your hand
Start cursing this game
said that you always wanted to give up
but can't stop turning
turn around
Raise your whip high
turn around
Turn around
Gently close my eyes