Dharma Wanderer

Lyrics :Wan Xiaoli
Go straight ahead along this road
There is a junction in the distance
You can turn left or forward
But you can't stay
Don't look up and look around
There is no good scenery you want here.
Don't wait for fantasy, don't expect it.
No one is singing here.
No one can stop you
The thumb is like a mountain strong and strong.
The mountain hides your wish like a mother's call
The bowl of chickpeas bacon soup
Holding with a backpack
Don't think about where the next step will be.
The blue lake at the foot of the mountain
Let you be peaceful and happy
burning the campfire and warming the fields
Close your eyes and pray for the friendship of the world.
Rocky silence, childlike innocence
I am pregnant with spring
Calm, lonely, happy, happy
On this road without pedestrians
The diamond-like light is always young.
Forever tears