It's You

作曲 : Daniel Martin Moore
Are you not that Sycamore'd place
where my thoughts journey and cling?
A familiar voice
in the flutter of silver leaves
and the swell of strings
Is it not you who seeks me out
sows goodness and holds me dear
Who draws me out
with pen in hand again
with my heart laid there?
It's you
Oh my darling its you
Oh my darling
It's you
A gentle greeting in the morning
let the exodus begin
We've left this place nigh on a thousand times
and we'll leave it again
And in the evening that makes you so lovely
we'll find a place to be
In the swirling music
a flurry of castanets
you are there with me
And it's you
Oh my darling it's you
Oh my darling
It's you