A poem to a stagnation

I know nothing about the whole city except you.
I love your heart like the afternoon sun.
I like to walk the stairs you go down from top to bottom.
that summer is like a blank picture in my memory.
the rubber you sent me lightly rubbed on the white paper I sent you.
, I'm going to pick up the sun with my cup in your hand.
then close your eyes and silently think of the way you look in your skirt.
yesterday I was sitting on the unfinished Liang Guang road and thinking about you.
has been winter.
can't see a kite in the sky
only a few broken lines in the summer
is far from the star
and your eyes are generally bright
the earth was sealed by cement and its throat was mute.
, I'm still on the dark road to find my way home.
the density of the night is enough to dissolve the sky
the heart of my sunk on the earth
wind tore down the twilight piece and then broke it into a thousand lights.
the candlelight on my shoulder
has been swallowed up by the next wind on the unfinished two Canton Road.
escapes from the light
is not the way of happiness
is the old man sitting in the sun behind the sculpture?
stole my youth
is not my shadow destined to separate from this night?
if blue is melancholy
at the seaside I'm going to hold you dead and dead
until Tianming
until Tianming
, who is singing the song without name?
is the dream is the shadow you are my eye