[by:what is needed by you?
it's getting light.
seems to have been here.
it's getting light.
seems to have been here.
old man with a face on his face
looked at me with a smile.
whispered, I remember you.
, your memories are like luggage.
laugh and cry.
, I understand this life.
took me back here.
has its real meaning.
I looked at the man I was then.
starts to be a passenger.
your tears
put a smile on his eyes.
looked at me as a distant place.
is stubborn and soft.
we grew up.
front ears
dove stops on the eaves.
is restoring that yesterday.
could not help crying.
some people are missing.
, I look at me.
calm down
my heart is surging.
a return passenger.
my smile
let tears flow out of the eye socket.
thinks you want to be a distant place.
I looked at me once, little me.
now let old time.
took me to open a door and window.
someone is standing.
where I left that day
makes memories a distant place.
my stubbornness.
is against the shoulders of the crowd.
from the glare of the sun
slowly enters the starry sky.
someone turned around.
recognized my crying face.
gently smiled at me.
laughed and tears.
did not know how long he had gone.
lit up the sky.