Departing for love

Lyrics :Stars
Why is my sky full of wet tears?
Why is my sky always gray face?
drifting on the other side of the world
Lonely infringement over and over again
The sky is long and long thoughts
The world only you don't understand me, I love you.
I don't just give good friends.
Every desire is a little smile
Don't you find that I am eager for information?
I finally can’t come back with love.
There are too many obstacles in front of us.
Your hand can't open
I would rather have no interest in asking me not to leave.
I miss the words without saying anything.
I miss the dream together.
I miss the quarrel
I still want to love you.
I remember the birthday of that year.
I also remember that song.
Remember the starry sky
The tightest right hand
the warmest chest
Who remembers
Who forgot?
cloudy day in a room without lights
When all thoughts are a little bit precipitated
What is love, spiritual opium?
It’s still a boring pastime at the end of the century.
cigarettes into a pool of aperture
and his photos are at hand.
Silly two people
Laughter sweet
Love along the parabola
From happiness
The total landing is almost a little
I understand when I am high.
The moon in the world is just an illusion
We became the most familiar strangers in the world.
The future twists and turns, each sorrow
I only blame us for being so fluent, so deep.
So I woke up and ran aground.
It’s silent, but I can’t go back to God.
If my strong willfulness
will accidentally hurt you.
Can you gently remind me?
I am too anxious
More afraid to miss you
Love really needs courage
to face gossip
The crowd is crowded, I can feel you.
put it in my hand
Your heart
Our story loves to be worth it
Wrong and wrong worth it
Love will overturn and there will be results
Exhausting all the strength is not for me.
That is for you to do this.
Although love is a responsibility
To give it complete
Sometimes beauty is not forever
How much love is ecstasy?
If you bravely love, you must be brave.
I hope the sky is no longer full of wet tears
I finally learned how to love
It’s a pity that you have already gone
disappeared in the sea of ​​people
finally understand in tears
Some people don’t miss it once they miss it.
I want to be happy
I want to be able to sleep well.
Some people don’t hold it before they are warm
I left without hating
I should have left it.
I want to be happy
Even if you laugh a little louder
The heart is not hot
all are fake
only tears are true