作词 :Galen Crew
in the year of our lord 1239
there once lived a girl of a royal line
the ancient stories do recall ?
she was the fairest of them all
in a castle made of stone
every night she slept alone
any noise that would raise the dead
couldn't wake her sleepyhead
a stranger came from a foreign land
asking for the maiden's hand
her father said no go away
she's gonna marry a king one day
the stranger he came back again
riding with 10 thousand men
Their battle cries filled all with dread
but couldn't wake her sleepyhead
the fighting lasted all day long
but the castle walls were thick and strong
the stranger cried let her decide
where her true affections lie
so the king knocked on her door
only you can end this war
no one knows how the story ends
did she ever wake again?
will she ever wake again?