I think of you.

Lyrics:Xue Zhiqian
So many are right, why aren’t they right?
I was late at night but I forgot to sleep.
I’m facing you, I’m going to forget
Your beauty
Through the youth, after the storm
Although some are not perfect
How much blueprint did I do?
You are meaningless
Love is just a look that wakes up in the morning.
Love is just that you help me to button up
Love is just a light greeting from the other end of the phone.
I remembered you.
Love is just the light left in the night.
Love is just the figure that the window looks forward to.
Love is just a storm, it seems to have never been here.
I remembered you.
Love is just a quarrel under an umbrella.
Love is just forgive me for forgiveness.
Love is just when I am lost, you hold me tightly.
I remembered you.
Love is just two people with white hair in the rain.
Love is just that I want to push you out.
Love is only the last one.
I miss you, I miss you.
No day for you, why not?
A person sitting and not wanting to sleep
The blueprint I painted, I did it all.
It’s so worthless