Turn Up Your Light (Bonus Track)

I love this one
I want them to see you
So I'm climbing up to the top of the world
To show what I'm made of
‘Cus I got a light that's out of this world, yeah
Look in my eyes and you can see the love inside of me
I'm like a rocket getting ready to launch
I need to tell somebody, I want everyone to know, ready set here I go
Let's let's let's light up the city
Every shine your light
‘Cus the light of the city, could be coming back tonight
So turn up your light
Oh, oh, oh, oh, come on everybody
Oh, oh, oh, oh, let's bring the light to the dark
Oh, oh, oh, oh bring someone to the party
Oh, oh, oh, oh, turn up your light
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
‘Cus me it's kinda dark in here and I
Can't speak ‘cus I walk in fear
And I can you lead me to a path so clear
Show me how to calm this fear
Hold me ‘cus the storms are near
I'm lonely, I'm lost, I'm weird, I got
No peace so of course I'm scared
I can't see ‘cus of all my tears
Can't breathe ‘cus the force of fear
Can't seem to find a cause from here
But I don't know where your source appeared
Right there it was all so real, right
There I saw the cross so clear, right
There, I was tossed so near, it's time
To chill, behold so deal
If you see me floating, I'm on my way
I'm always roaming, I'm outer space
Turn, turn up, turn up your, turn up your light