Continue - For the 15-year-old self

Composition:Angela Aki
:Shi Rencheng
You know, I always think about it.
Unhappy 15-year-old you
How I want you to cry
Put it in my arms
Uncertainty about shape
Collision with the world
The injuries I sustained were for you at last.
The most difficult exercises of the year
It's just a few lines of notes.
Now I always remember.
Remembering you who refused to lose at that time
Will the sky stop raining?
Will it clear up?
Will happiness wait for you and me at the end?
Will I forget it?
Can also bravely go to the rain
Let's go on.
Keep moving forward
Continue to travel towards the unknown in expectation
When I feel tired
Hold our hearts
Have a quiet and good rest
I can still do it these years.
At least they can stand up to themselves
Thank you for your simplicity.
gave me guidance
Meet a lot of people
Some things have been done
You can't imagine it.
How exciting and addictive
Who says that life is fair?
It doesn't matter what we want.
Thank you so much for your stubbornness.
I can become what I am today.
Let's go on.
Keep moving forward
Look where this road will take us.
Where we want to go
There must be people who want to go too.
Let's not give up.
Don't be discouraged
Always listen to the voices engraved in your heart
When I feel tired
Please hold my hand tightly
One day I will be old.
I hope you will find it satisfactory.
I'm not sorry about that.
15-year-old self