This story has been laughed at all.
There are several passengers in the shadow of the Chu Museum.
She caressed the sound of the piano
falling on his boat, this parked for her.
The spring glow outside the window is gentle
The snail is outlined for her brows.
She is holding a short song
If this freeze can be said for centuries
The light is getting weaker like a meteor
The light of the year is high
She’s screaming at the cold night.
The Ming Dynasty according to the new words
Leave a pen, he can't remember
She still cried in her dreams.
The end of the memory is like a white paper
In the middle, he owes her a promise.
Fu Rong is three or two on the mirror
Warm wine has been hot on the stove
How can he come to go to Ronghua?
She still has a hard time choosing makeup today.
Waiting for glitz to hide with the setting sun
She is wearing a half-small black cloud
Look at the flowers and fly alone
The sky has a crow
She is hopelessly falling from the platform.
Pedestrians say that the peach blossoms are all over the sky.
Several hangover is not willing to let go
but this interpretation of half life attachment
Is the star fire too hot?
Tomorrow's yellow flower will be defeated
The evening wind tells her over and over again.
Who remembers who can laugh?
The son
The stone steps are covered with frost
Hongyan has crossed this blue sky
A full spring dream in a decade
Why did you fall into a jade?
It’s falling into a jade