Lyrics :Li Xianda
Producer:Sun Peng
Producer:Chen Hongyu
Arranger:Liu Daming Sun Peng
Guitar:Sun Peng
Piano / Drum / Bass:Liu Daming
Recording/mixing/mastering production:Zhang Jinxin
cover design:staying up late
The breeze has passed
The leaf is only for the flower
I just want to ask for rouge.
You are on the left, I am on the right
Too much, no use
There is a chance to be
Why are you strong?
In order to be thin and thin
There is always a cloud in the sky.
All kinds of jealousy are obsessive in my heart.
Reminiscence after the rain
In the dead of night, it becomes gentle
暗香游 Evening thick
The stars and the moons are closely related
韶华间 轻轻袖
Nothing and no fairy
still young, don't understand 愁
I’m afraid I’m going to stay white.
Years in the years
Only if you don’t understand, it’s a stop.
We are the river of the shy stars across the moon
I don't see through now and later
There is a beginning and a end
Don't frown and lose everything.
The wind has blown over the four seasons
I want to hold you in the dark night.
If the days are old, if you can
Drink a bowl of wine, restless
At the end of the story, I am with you.
until permanent