All Mine

Oh my gosh!
I do not like your heart
My heart is getting cold
You can not do that.
I can not catch my heart
Baby Baby When I see your eyes
My heart is beyond my walls
I'll hold you in my arms Dive
All Mine Rainbow
All Mine That sea
All Mine to the sun
All Mine The whole world
Your lips are magical
A picture of a blooming fantasy dream
Hold on tight in two small hands
You know my heart
I whispered in my ear
All the fantasies I see at this moment are mine
Baby Baby Hold my hand
We are beyond the walls of this construction
I hold your hand and fly
All Mine white clouds
All Mine This wind
All Mine to the fragrance
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh my gosh!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh, oh!
It was the love I imagined.
The end of the sea above the sky
It's so beautiful
I can not take my eyes off
Spread your dreams
I can not sleep and I can not sleep
Even if I close my eyes forever
All Mine Your voice
All Mine Your Eyes
All Mine up to four
Your love is magical
Fantasy dream picture unfolded
Hold on tight in small hands
You know my heart