Ah, fleeting memories
Where did the days go?
Time spent catching butterflies
And watching rainbows
Ah, little memories
Things aren't the same now
Used to count hot air balloons
And paint picture s in the clouds
Stuck in the present
But the present's on repeat
Shards of broken glass are poking at my feet
Stuck in the present
Please take me to the past
All I want is for those memories to last
Sweet, childish memories
I miss your toothless smile
Place our teeth beneath the pillows
Pretend to sleep for a while
Innocent memories
Everything is tainted now
used to sing songs to ghosts
But now I've forgotten how
The black clouds grow
The truth begins to show
Nothing remains
Dissolved by the rain
Remember those times of happiness
Forgotten and lost
I stand here alone
All I want is for those memories to last
Once was light now
became remnants of
Hope and love
thrive within our memories