Only you

word:Wang Banruo
gull laughing in the morning breeze
's noisy ballad
trapped in the lattice of you
does not want to know
's inexplicable habits
simple channel
guarded his original pride
gravel piled up the castle
is far from the crowd's hustle and bustle
doesn't care about the picky eye of the eye.
has long forgotten
is trapped in more than a lot of people
bid farewell to the death bell of yesterday
chasing a kite running child
accumulating the dust of dust
days shiny
new graves in the bluestone
the broken pain of the dream
crowded streets, I seem to hear your empty heartbeat.
dare not throw away the vexed and wanton run
wrinkled eyebrows and fine lines onto the young corner of the eye.
, do we need to lose complexity and reclaim simple goodness?
in fact, the world is very small and very small
we are all clear
close his eyes and listen to a second
's childhood ballad
is for who
's serious dance
close his eyes and listen to a second
's quiet heartbeat
is for who
pure beauty