Lyrics :Yao Ruolong
Love is once the only belief
gazing at each other to tie each other
At that time, simple silly
But it’s never been more fun.
until the reality pushes a hand
falling into a scar
You surrender in the face of desire
I grew up behind the pain
finally know that love has wings.
How to embrace it, after all, fly
The black hollow also wants to be released
I miss you more stubborn than hate.
I have a warm embrace like a bed.
A good smile and a sunny smile
have a beautiful and crazy lips
Why do you love everyone who is empty?
When I heard that you were playing with him
Wolf, go home and hurt
Friends say that it is punishment
How sad my heart is.
Although I know that love has wings.
Be forgiven because of too much love
The black hollow also wants to be released
Now thoughts are more tenacious than hate
Don't be discouraged, don't be afraid of sentimental
I also think that I am too hot to you.
Love is like a life
There is no way to block
Even if you know that love has wings
Still willing to let you stop at my shoulder
You don't have to be a writer.
Let me be a tree.