One of my friends (cover タイナカ 智智) (Cover Lon)

One word and one vow is more cautious.
You have thousands of tenderness in your eyes.
If the spring breeze, the snow and ice will melt.
Original singer:LON
Late:Holy Rain Light Gauze
The street in the old street is full of spring.
The horse is traveling together, and the rain is like a dream.
Have under the rain,
Looking in a pair, deep eyes,
It’s like a breeze in Huashan with a fine snow.
The rain is cool,
The wind blew through the dark fragrant scent.
It’s like a gentle sword,
If you pass through, you will be shocked.
Is it easy to write love words?
Put a painting and give it to you.
Give a humble smile,
or become mediocrity.
And you support me in my arms,
The wording and the vows are more cautious.
There are thousands of tenderness in your eyes.
If the spring breeze, the snow and ice will melt.
When did the family reunite,
The beautiful woman is on the side, and the candle shadow is red.
The lights are burning,
A reflection of a pair, such as painting Yan Rong,
It’s like a gentle old dream of a cardamom branch.
I don’t know the opposite,
The thoughts are rushing.
Looking at you as white, the look is a little frozen,
Who knows my heart is scared?
Maybe I should be drunk,
Let's leave a lipstick on your arms.
Slow the old things and sing,
No one else was alarmed.
But I can only fake and calmly,
The ear is listening to those who are deeply in love.
Don't see you familiar with the face,
Only silent drinking, more indifferent.
Outside the mountain gate, the snow smashed through the white coat and melted at the fingertips;
Responsible long sword, ask Jianghu Mo (original:wide) big, what should I do?
In this way, like a joke, I am ridiculed.
Wishful, there is no beginning.
If you have two hearts and minds,
Why did you make me mistakenly pay attention?
Do you see that I am lost,
Are you really excited?
Fortunately, in the red dust,
This heart is already riddled with holes.
How do you fear that you will use thin feelings as a blade?
Add a crack?
It won't hurt.
It’s better to bury the past in the wind,
Take the long sword as the monument, and take the frost and snow as the shackles.
If this life is wrong,
Seeking a good end.
I’m alone playing Ma Nanping’s old bridge.
It’s foggy when the rain comes.
I remembered that under the umbrella that year was light,
It’s like lying on the bridge and doing a dream.
When the dream wakes up, it falls, and the body is broken, and there is no shadow.