Heavy (prod. by killedmyself)

When did everything gets so heavy
Tell me do you wish you've never met me
Cause I wish I've never met me
Guide me now/I am all tied up
I know you never care so I just shut up
I don't know you I just need love
Just giving one hell stars
I feel so heavy
The way you love me
I can love cause I feel that you won't love me
I need a changeI feel so strange now
Everyone looks at me feel like drown in
In the spiring raining
I feel so heavy the way you love me
I feel so heavy
No I can't breath I can't breath I feel so heavy
Obviously, I would be completely liar if I didn't say. This is for really really hard for me, and I'm hurting a lot. I'm just I'm just really hurting. But with all that hurt comes a lot of joy and that sounds really coming from someone who is crying. But there is a lot of joy that comes with this.