Song of line

words:Chen Hongyu / Tang Ying Feng / Li Tenghuan
producer:Wu Tao
compose:Wu Tao Chen Hongyu
Guitar:Chen Tao
BETH:Zhang Junsheng
drum:Sheng Xiongxuan
cello:Lv Xinyang Yang Changying
co - Writing:Chen Xiaolei
Chorus:Chen Hongyu
recording:Wang Haichen
shrinkage:Wu Tao
illustration:Sun seventeen
growth is an adventure
stray people go on the road first
does not want to turn back
growth is a game
the brave people start first
fell and then flurried
does not turn back
sing songs, murmuring in the season of grass flies.
stalled through the surging tide
, why? When it's warm, one step is weary and the other is looking back.
once used to go round the clock
growth is a loss
whether you know it or not
can't turn back
once heard of love
was in a hurry to miss it
does not have to turn back
song, no longer think of it in a good half of life.
has gone through a dull routine.
, why do you look back at your dreams when you are lonely?
once used to go round the clock
line song, who is singing while looking back.
has some bitterness to taste all the time
why, these years will not be disappointed nor mention the past.
once used to go round the clock
let's share with each other
to face the lonely moment of life
once used to go round the clock