So come on

Arrangement:Wang Tradition
You are the scenery of the train
I am a little tired of Qingyang
We are in the same time and space
but still don't know each other
You wait for a distance waiting for you.
I am waiting for you to walk into my wall
Occasionally attracted by a flower
Take a few butterflies to smell
So come on, don’t let love miss the best time.
Give me away from the lonely palm
Say hello with your eyes
Because I understand
Imagining each other's heart
So come on, I’ve been longing for a bit of desire.
Singing together, getting drunk is also good.
Like a madman, like a madman
A little injury when youth is about to die.
Come a little brave.
Let's love it little by little.
You are a general-looking face
I don't need how beautiful you are.
I will leave my arms empty.
Wait for you to shine in winter