(Don't) Follow me

You don't mean it
Oh hell well if you're going to do it
Why wait until the summer ends huh
Why don't you just do it right now
Oh stop
Okay stop
I hate you I hate you
You're breaking me down
And I don't give a ****
Everything's wrong
And I can't deal with it
Popping these pill in search of burying
You know the deal
But something's scaring me
I'm fading away
And you don't seem to care
I never stayed
Cause you were never there
Yeah my heart breaks
You got me pulling hits
My body aches
I'm sipping Everclear
Smoking out my lungs
You got me up all night
I don't wanna see your face again
Cause I don't wanna fight
Every time you say you love me
Can't help but think that it's lies
Look me in my eyes
Let me know it's right
All of these emotions never let me rest
They don't wanna call me
When I feel like this
I've been working hard
While you been off the shits
I'ma stay inside
We'll never speak again
Cold out
Keeping you close as I can for forever
You know now
I cannot **** with anybody else
Baby let's go now
Drop everything that we know
And we hate and let's roll out
Baby if you follow me
I'm all you need
Don't give up on me
It's cold out
I can't breathe at all