I will not fall in love anymore

lyrics:Noriyuki Makihara
If you do not have anything
It can not be done
I put a kettle on the fire
I do not know the identity of tea
Here you can also make breakfast
but not very tasty
If you made a complaint
Although I could say it unexpectedly
When you are together
Although it seems to be a shoe
Finally I got freedom
I got more lonely
Your saying goodbye
I do not know how I feel
Look better than usual
I am a bit stuck on the left
If only you have one
If you can say strongly
I do not want to fall in love anymore
I will not tell you absolutely
Two side-by-side toothbrushes too
Let's discard a single book
Also the clothes you bought for your hobby
It is a waste but I will throw it away
Manly thanks to you
I have a trash can
Best regardless from anyone
It will be sentimental
This is all
Collect your unlikely things
Surrounded by unnecessary things
I learned that I am happy to live
The mail addressed to you
As I arrive at the post
I am at a loss for a long time
I am worried about my back
The answer that two people could not have
I will meet next time with someone you do not know
Because I can find it
Really really
Because I loved you
I do not want to fall in love anymore
I will not say Absolutely absolute