I like the inner activity of you.

in September, wet car
You look at the window
It’s outside the window, the water pipe is blooming
The chair is in a foreign land
The leaves have wings
Street in Shanghai
snowy mountains on the side
You lean against the car window
My heart is on the side
Where are we going?
Look at that, at nine o'clock
Is the house at Lake Geneva expensive?
The world, seven thousand places
Where do we settle?
Tell me, what is the answer?
Where do you like to go?
Qinghai or Sanya
Iceland or Greece
Can South America not go?
Do you love the desert?
I asked too much.
Is it known that the rainy season here is only one or two days?
The day is very long and short.
Three years in the night
Know, today's news
said on Highway 1
The bridge is broken.
Are we still going?
Don't say it anymore.
It will be repaired for one year.
Can you wait for one year?
Are you still going?
Do you like it?
Producer:Chen Guangrong
OP :Click Music Ltd.
Production and Distribution Company:Click Music Ltd.
Movie music promotion:running monster