I am afraid

lyrics:Xue Zhiqian
Composer:Xue Zhiqian
I am afraid of your message
Who was inadvertently brought up?
It’s like the breath that has been in my ear.
I am afraid of a certain melody
Take me back to a scene
You said that if the rain stopped, we would be together.
I am afraid of a street
have the mark you left behind
would think that it is your need for me.
I am afraid of that trip
Continue in my dreams
I still believe what you said
The reason for leaving
Recently I
The performance is OK.
Recently you
Where has it been?
Don't care
Just ask questions.
I blame me.
I learned love
I am afraid to sort out my luggage.
I am afraid to turn off the lights and rest
I am afraid to blink my eyes.
I missed you.
I am afraid of crowded people
I am afraid of the mountain stream
I am afraid that I am nearby
I can't find you.
If I
fell into the seabed
Are you
There will be a touch of induction
Don't care
just talk about it.
No pressure
I just want to meet you.
I am afraid of your breathing
I am afraid too close
I am afraid that others will mention your secrets.
Arrangement:Zhang Baoyu
Remix:Zheng Wei
Hyphon:Xue Zhiqian
guitarist:Song Yu
Mastering:Zheng Wei
Recording:Mo Jiawei
Studio:Shanghai Broadcasting Building 200studio