The only passers-by in my youth

lyrics:Tang Yingfeng
arranger:Zhu Jianwei
cover:Lu Xia
Harmony:Chen Xuening
producer:Zhu Jianwei
is not in love.
is just tired more than words.
love sometimes suffers from illness, but when we compromise, we can deceive ourselves.
I don't know. Promise is good. Do you want it?
we know that everything is too early, if the future is not yet there.
that hesitation can not be avoided.
so tacitly.
how important are people in front of us?
is unconscious, but out of mind.
is so estranged, not losing.
at least there is joy in love.
has the choice to give, not to ask for it.
, my only love in my youth is you.
it's hard to accept that tomorrow will be your passer-by.
is flaunt, disillusioned, crying and growing up, it should be relieved.
was silent, considerate, brave again, looking back at that time.
will regret each piece of you, but not you.
only realized that these years have come to this.
is not only myself, but always "never" will be wrong.
was disappointed in his expectations and didn't know how to love.
so experience, so cherish.
just love yourself and make yourself decent.
has the choice to give, no longer expect to get.
, my only love in my youth is you.
also accepts you as a passer-by tomorrow.
I remember all the good things we had in that year.
had been happy, broken, and heartbeat.
I remember your smile, I will not remember.
thank you for having appeared in my life.
we clumsily bump into each other's profile.
also made me the better one.
it's so good to be separated for so long that I still can't remember you.
stir up a tender feeling in my heart.