The Next Episode (Ummet Ozcan Remix)

It's the ************' one and only D-O-double-G
(Snoop Dogg!)
You know I'm mobbin' with the D-R-E
You know who's back up in this ************?
What what what what
So blaze the **** up then
Blaze it up, blaze it up!
Just blaze that **** up, *****!
Yeah, Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hold up, hey
For my ****** who be thinkin' we soft, we don't play
We gonna rock it 'til the wheels fall off
Hold up, hey
For my ****** who be actin' too bold, take a seat
Hope you ready for the next episode
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Smoke **** every day
Raise your hands up
Everybody Fu*king Jump!