yesterday Haishu
Bathing morning light
Is it ready to put
I still remember a touch of sun
Take your face
扉 半扉
The two are facing each other
I don’t forget
You sing the reverberation around the beam
The two eyes are blurred
Alum sings and laughs
I like it, let me feel like a deer
I want to wear it.
To think about it
Beside you
I am my paradise
I thought it was slow
To the Japanese party
The two feelings are as pleasing as usual
The world is impermanent
Head of the stick
Unable to prevent
You and I have been like this
Children’s love
The hand of the holder is looking forward to the white candlelight
The old days
full of vicissitudes
No fragrance
Those long days
has become a past
Ahead look
You are not around
I don’t forget
can have a reverberation
Heart has been hurt
100 holes and sores
I have been bruised and bruised.
still pretending to be strong
White hair three thousand feet is like a long
The world is impermanent
You are away from home
for the dream
Lonely go to Fuyang
I stay in Zhouzhuang
From now on, each side
Nothing is bleak
Two lines of tears
Lock the dream
Those sweet times
Although past
I still hope that you can be generous.
Smile still...