But I remember you (x3)
Way too many times seen them rack up 15 lines
Thinking how the **** they okay with ******* up all they minds
Now I do the same ****, but I have my reasons why
Its the only thing that makes me talk, and opens up my eyes
I won't lie, I miss the nights
Parties every single night, double cups of hi-tech
I would sip myself a couple lines
I pop me a bar, close my eyes, go to the stars
Wish that I would never come back
Because living is ******* hard
And the summer time was awful, broke my ******* heart
I got memories forever
I had notebooks full of scars
I got reasons why I ain't made ****, not in a while
Thinking how the **** I do that ****, can't crack a smile
I say every tape I put out is my last
Because I don't like sitting here thinking about the past
The cool summer nights, when the moon rolled passed
The feelings we would get that we knew wouldn't last
Help, I lost myself again
But I remember you (x2)