Lyrics:Xue Zhiqian
The flower is picked away
The heart is sucked away by the worm
I have nothing at all
When you miss the bloom
The skin was cut by a knife
The branch is taken by the deer
The tree never opens
Where is the freedom after breaking the soil?
Helpless, please pass your hands and wait for the wild fruit to mature.
Innocent people loose their hands, anyway, they are all the same.
The dream was taken away
The word was stolen
Don't hold your fist
Maximum unbuttoned collar
Wind to encourage the cloud to go
The sea will push away the river
Don't bow when you fall in love.
Proud of self-respect
Helpless, please pass your hand, wait for the mottled canoe in your dreams.
Innocent people loose their hands, anyway, they are all the same.
Helpless, please let go, and the weeds will sell the wall.
The shameless person reaches out and how long does it take to get rich?
Life advises to die, don't leave, the soul is kept by the meat.
Try not to open your mouth, satisfy the appetite of the wolf.
Is the hot hand
I am free to read and understand.
producer:Zheng Wei
Arrangement:Song Tao
Remix:Zhao Jing Big J Studio
Female voice:Mo Yuwei
chorus:Xue Zhiqian
Guitar:Song Tao
Bass:Han Yang
Drums:Wu Yongheng (Babe)
Voice Recording:Mo Jiawei (Shanghai Broadcasting House 200studio)
Female voice, chorus recording:Yan Wenbo Bjg J Studio
Guitar, bass recording:汝文博 Big J Studio
Drum Recording:Li You 55Tec Studio
Mastering:Chris Gehringer