I know I want to smile.

arranger:in Beijing
producer:Yu Jing Yan / Ma Yufen
love has become a desert island.
is filled with loneliness.
can't run away from home.
can at least leave behind pride.
if you don't love it
no longer happy
is unforgettable.
every choice
is responsible for himself.
love is falling apart.
is the most intoxication person.
often does not need antidote.
used to be so beautiful.
I know I want to smile.
please promise me.
, you will work hard.
is better than before.
is really cold and warm.
only knows after all.
stop and stop love
is bound to be a one-way ticket.
the next person I met.
deserves our smile again.
love is like a candle burning.
has only one second left.
if it is unyielding.
the ending is not changed.
who is favored by God?
, I envy you.
has your protection.
should pass by.
is the end result.
love is falling apart.
no more experience can be left to the next reference.
if it's worth love
is worth smiling.
, I promise you.
, I will work hard.
is better than before.
sentimental truth
it's all about tears.
regrets and misery will teach us forgiveness.
people who have met
deserves our smile again.