I am waiting for you in the future.

Sit down, write a letter together.
Write to yourself in the future
Wanted to see how many springs to go to winter
The distance of the light years
I wrote a lot of questions.
like a song of my own
What are you going to do in the future?
What kind of songs are you listening to?
Carefully learn to grow up
Is the head broken?
Is it hard to take care of yourself?
Did you do something you like?
Can you find him?
The strange world is very big
A person will be alright.
has it used to be lonely?
Lonely figure, no longer afraid
There is a reply
I asked myself about the future (I want to ask myself)
wrote a lot of questions (what will be)
I know my destination
Where are you going in the future?
I will use my best to run there.
I will wait for you in the future.
I will wait for you in the future.