Planet Purge (Felmax & Tiigers Remix)

Wait, stop! Please, don't kill me!
I-I never intended to harm you, I swear.
I am trying to end the festival.
W-w-what do you mean?
I was going to use your ship to destroy the rich assholes
That run our society and save my people
From the horrors of this yearly festival.
**** That, Rick! We got to kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Geez, Morty, purge it down a little.
"Purge! Don't purge!" You're sending me mixed messages, Rick.
Morty you're acting like a freaking lunatic.
Calm down.
Screw you, Rick! I'll purge you, too, you old, rickety piece of crap!
This has been a long time coming!
I'm gonna rip your ******* guts out and smear them all over your face!
Face, face, face...
What are you doing?
Oh-ho-ho! Here we go.
I'm not watching.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, your medal's in the mail.
I'm gonna get a closer look.
Oh, okay, sure.
And then someone's gonna throw a rock and hit the car
And then we're gonna crash
And we're gonna be stuck down there
And it's gonna be what we deserve.
That was… okay, yeah. T-that was gross.
Just hit a button, Morty! Give me a beat!
Oh Geez! Geez!
Geez. Wow, Morty. Now you're getting into it