We got London On Da Track
It's Guwop
It's Gucci
21, 21
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y (huh?)
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
I got so many M's in my bank account, I can't even count 'em
Too many whips, way I switch my car, I can't even mount 'em
Too many zeros with 'Sace pillows in my Phantoms
Too many bad *******, I don't cuff 'em, I just hand them (21)
Off like a lay-up (lay-up), I don't got time to lay up
Met my accountant at Ruth's Chris, she told me that I'm way up (21)
I already back for seconds, I ain't even clean my plate up
Ran me up a hunned M's and then I put my bay up (21)
Way out in the hills, I just sign the deal
I ain't take no advance, so you know that split was real (21)
All my diamonds carrots, dem lil' pointers be two lil'
Glaziers in my ear, I need a cup, they 'bout to spill
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y (huh?)
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I feel like I'm Rocky
How you gone play D, you can't even take D
Too many fake me's
Way too many fake daps, way too many fake '$APs
And I put it on me and I want another ring
Girlies buckle at the knees, swerve 'em like the other team (skrt)
You can still hear the sneaks (woo, swoosh)
Ballin' in some Dungarees
Make a cheerleader cream, so what she on the other team?
For the cameras say your cheese, rap game like the league
Heard you the ****** overseas, but that's only overseas
I'm the one who oversees *******t, "Oh man, it's him again"
I'm up in the rim, they the raided M&M's
Ball on you in my favorite Timberlands
My girlfriend got a little friend
All the way on the other end
'Cause she don't deal with the middle man
Harlem world stole my flow, friends and my foes
Got my hoes in my clothes, they want ten like my toes (A$AP)
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby , I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y (yeah)
Just pass me the rock and watch him go
Just run me the play and let me know
With a broken leg, I let it go (leggo, leggo, leggo)
I ain't gotta say it 'cause they know (woo)
Gucci is materialistic, he's too ******' flashy
He smoke when he wanna smoke, think the world is his ashtray
So, so deaf to these suckers, I'm like JD in '03
My hoe said that I'm too ****y, I don't play nothin' but me
These girls got nothing to show you, I'll give you something to see
These dudes keep comin' up short like they a pair of capris
Don't group me with these rappers, these boys embarrassin' me
Them dudes ain't got nothin' on me, I got a money disease
I'm too cold for these suckers, they ain't got more money than me
I wear my mink in the summer when it's one-hundred-three (burr)
I make a ******* feel self-conscious like she too *******ny for me
I know that ******* want to ****** me, but she's to tiny for me
She's my way out the highway, you either like or leave
This Rollie cost us the G's, a couple bricks on my sleeve (yeah)
When I first fell on the scene, I drove a Cutlass Supreme
A half a brick, a pint of lean, and a new money machine
It's Guwop
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y (it's Gucci)
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm too ******' ****y (Wizop)
Too ******' ****y, baby, I'm so ******' ****y (damn damn)
We got London On Da Track damn