The sound of life

Lyrics :Zhao Zijian
Harmony:Shi Jie
The body is destroyed by desire and drug control
Strong heart is filtered by time and swaying with the wind
Reminiscence is stretched like a ribbon in time and space
The sorrow of the tears and the roof
All love
Pulsing the haze and haze of the city
Concentrated at the end of the house, the branches are shaking the window
Why the future
only one heart and heart
has been transformed into eternity in our hearts deep buried
The air should be thorough, but my heart is full of dust.
How can the beautiful Qingsong years not be old?
The soul was thrown after being raped by the devil.
Flood litter and plastic bags flying on the street
waiting alone
may be loved after sorrow
The lonely figure in the middle of the night is under the street light.
Humanistic care
I always come after grief
People still believe in what will be more exciting in the future.
Lifelike fireworks
Break yourself and burn it.
Let the fire of love and happiness bloom in the night sky
The night is lit
The blood of freedom in the city is square
After sunrise, we set sail and sailed in the wind and waves
Like a dream
Happiness, I don’t want to be fantasies.
When I woke up, my heart was hung in the belly to find oxygen.
Beside each other
Life should never be so embarrassing
It must be not only a dream illusion and a dark moonlight