I Found Out Too Late

word:Chen Jingfei
I found out too late,
Those nights belong to me
street lights fell into the lake and turned into moonlight in the water tonight.
When I closed my eyes I saw the old days
remember meeting you in almost transparent blue.
I found out too late,
Hey Mr. H-h-honey sweet
September dream and warm city is like an amusement park.
A year later we set foot on the land
music is rolling slowly and slowly.
life occasionally dilutes our view
Your boat on the bottom of the sea will take us to the other side
I found out too late,
We 've made our life so sweet
Melancholy and sweetness are like Emily you love
so many scenic spots always need to match some partners.
gently turns the melody to the freest frequency.
-, come with me, the bedroom with memories, and on the left there is a big rotating bed.
- what are you thinking about? What do you miss? What are you looking forward to?
- all right, don't think again, sleep.
composing:Qu autumn propagation / Chen Jingfei
word:Chen Jingfei
:Chen Jingfei
producer:Lu Xiwen / Qu Qiufan / Chen Jingfei
compose:Qu autumn propagation / Lu Xiwen
recording:Lu Xiwen
mixed / mother band:Lu Xiwen
Guitar:Lu Xiwen
BETH:Lu Xiwen
Harmony:Yang Zhou / Qu Qiufan