farewell (feat. Pageant Queen)

hate to see you go
but it'd be worse if you stayed here
don't misunderstand
thinkin' that ur in my way, dear
it's the opposite of hate,
that's gonna be holding us down
i fear the day we go our separate ways,
escaping this town (it's inevitable)
creating all our memories,
and everything they meant to me
lock em all away in a safe,
time is the enemy
of love and all the feelings we shared
i'd like to say that it's enough,
just to know that you cared
pageant queen:
ain’t it kinda crazy how u been gone without me
Kinda wonder still if you ever talk about me
I know you do
and the feelings true
and I still talk about you
and you do too
but the thoughts come crawling and I’m losing my mind
time keeps going and I’m all out of time
I still see the pics and I still see the messages
end of the day and everything's indefinite