The queen of Kabukicho

lyrics:Shiina Ringo
Every time I hear the cicadas' voice
Kujukuri resort in the eyes
Leave the hands of wrinkly grandmother
The entertainment district visited by myself
Mama is here Queen
I like a living-looking I
Everyone extended their hands
The entertainment district fascinated by a child
me who became 15
The queen has disappeared
I came every Friday
You will live with a man
"Even if you are a prosperous once
It will surely decay "
greet the time to know its meaning
I entered the foot is the entertainment district
summer etc. hate the woman who disappeared now
proudly hold a title called Queen
I was made into a woman
Only you are to sell
When I want sympathy
I will lose everything
As I exit the east exit of JR Shinjuku station
That place is my garden
big play area Kabukicho
From this evening in this town
My daughter's queen