Cover: Lin Yuejia

There are several good people.
It's not lonely.
Maybe my wandering makes people uneasy.
I don't have any shadow barriers.
Never mind.
I'm not vulnerable, let alone hurt.
That's not true of love anyway.
I didn't lie. Why should I lie?
You know me, I never pretend to you.
Don't think how memorable you are if I lie.
Laughter is really not my success.
I haven't been to this restaurant for a long time.
Unexpectedly, the decoration has been changed.
The window in the corner smelled roses.
You said it was impressive.
I didn't lie. Why should I lie?
One of my weaknesses you know is forgetfulness.
Thank you very much for your company tonight.
But I'm not used to it.
I didn't lie. Why should I lie?
What happens if you don't love someone?
Don't tell me that life has been so difficult.
Don't tear things apart
I didn't lie, but love lied.
It brought you to lie to me about the possibility of hope for longing.
I didn't lie. I wish you a happy bride.
Please forget my heart.