see you again

word:stream ah Yu
if one day we can really see each other
in the morning and tomorrow evening and tomorrow
if you really meet you, please don't say goodbye
we've missed a lot of moments
in that meeting you said goodbye to me
since then I delete all your photos
because I know you're walking away
you are not the same girl who used to look at you.
but I can never forget our past.
is forcing myself to give up all the time.
may be listening to you now
once had her naive smile floating up
I called that phone long after that.
you said that I haven't had a good time in the past few years.
, I can only console you and don't care about your life.
when you were given a piece of candy, you would laugh with it.
but girls now they just have to fight
naive, we had no idea of money at the time.
now look at the false love and money is the key.
as a silent play at the end of the whole drama
suddenly there was a light rain under the cloudy sky outside the window.
, tears in your eyes are also streaming.
I know that time has changed us hard.
also experienced thousands of hammers and baits on rap.
since there's no way to go back to the past
then erase that memory